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1. Purpose

1.1 is a dating portal (next time portal) for adults. This portal has not been created for rating pictures or uploading, showing or advertising pornographical material or prostitution. The administrator of the portal acts accordingly to ethical norms and the laws of the Government.

2. The conditions of registering (joining). Processing of personal data.

2.1. The password has to consist of at least 6 symbols. Password must not include your user name or e-mail address. You are obliged to guarantee the confidenciality and safety of yout username and password.
2.2. You have to be at least 18 years old. You are aware that the portal includes materials created for adults.
2.3. Portal is offering a service which only consists of access to the data network. The administrator of the portal values satisfication of the user and processes users data accordingly to the following principals:
2.3.1. While processing data, we consider the principals of protection of personal data, delicate info and keeping of secrets.
2.3.2. We will receive your personal data when you register to our portal. We will only ask your e-mail address, birth date and sex. When you join the portal, you confirm that you allow us to process this data.
2.3.3. We process personal data only to fulfill our obligations set by the legal and ethical laws. During the collection of personal data we guide from the law and collect only the necessary data needed to serve our portal users needs best.
2.3.4 If you have questions of problems about the processing of personal data, please write us to our e-mail address.
2.3.5. Remember that only you can make your personal data and delicate info public. The portal will not start transmission of this data or make choises about who will receive this information or change the information.
2.4. When joining our portal you confirm that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions and will act accordingly to them.

3. Overall

3.1. You may not use other users personal data or enter false data about yourself. User is allowed to upload only his/her own photos.
3.2. You are personally responsible for the data in your profile.
3.3. You are personally responsible for all the activities that has been performed with your account regardless of whether these activities have been commited by you or somebody else.
3.4. You will act accordingly to the ethical norms of internet behaviour and will not insult, disgrace or threat other users of the portal. Ideological propaganda, rassistic and illegal behaviour is prohibited.
3.5. You will not sell or advertise any products or services of any kind to other users of portal or by using the portal itself in any way. Spamming is prohibited.
3.6. Not know the terms and conditions will not free you from the obligations to follow them.
3.7. If the administrator of the portal wishes not to have a certain user in the portal, he/she can block that users account without warning
3.8. Hacking of accounts or violating the privacy of users in any way is prohibited.

4. Responsibility

4.1. The administrator of the portal will not be responsible for:
4.1.1. Information released by the users of the portal;
4.1.2. Any damage created by using the portal;
4.1.3. Violation of copyrights caused by the users of the portal;
4.1.4. Mistakes or malfunctions caused by the SMS operator.
4.2. The administrator of the portal can do the following without warning:
4.2.1. Change the content of the portal if needed;
4.2.2. Change the terms of the portal if needed;
4.2.3. Change the duration and price of the services that are being charged for;
4.2.4. Change or remove any kind of information entered by the users if that information violets the terms & conditions or damages other users;
4.3. The administrator of the portal has the right to end the member status of a user if the user violates the terms & conditions of the portal.
4.4. No Actions Resulting From Registration In "No Contact" Registries. You hereby agree that You will not bring any action against Company, any Website Content Providers, or any of the Website's affiliates or any of the aforementioned parties' principals, employees or agents as a direct or indirect consequence of Your registration of an email address, mailing address, telephone number or other contact point with any governmental "do not email" registry with respect to any such contact point You have provided to the Company and/or one or more Website Content Providers after indicating that You have given the Company and/or such Website Content Providers permission to send You email, e.g., as You have done so in this Agreement above. You agree to indemnify the Company and Website Content Providers, the Website's affiliates and all their agents for any and all expenses and damages that result from any and all breaches of this subparagraph 4.4 and for any actions against Company, Website Affiliates, and/or any Website Content Providers that result from the Company and/or one or more Website Content Providers or affiliates sending You email that You have requested or authorized the Company, its affiliates and/or one or more Website Content Providers or affiliates to send You.

5. Terms of photos

5.1. Photo has to be in JPEG file format and rotated vertically;
5.2. Photo can’t have wide frames (not more than 5% of the photo itself);
5.3. Photo has to be in good quality. Recommended size is from 300x300 pixels to 810x2000 pixels;
5.4. The person on the photo has to be you. If there are also other persons on the photo you have to get their concent before you can publish the photo.
5.5. Adding photos with children is prohibited;
5.6. Adding recurring images is prohibited;
5.7. Adding photos with watermarkss to which you don’t have the copywright is prohibited;
5.8. Is your uploaded photo includes other people then you are fully responsible of all the consequences.
5.9. Uploading rassistic, violent, abusive or illegal photos is prohibited;
5.10. Pictures that have been specially modified to attract viewers attention are prohibited. Mounting several pictures or using extra backgrounds is also prohibited. We allow modifications wich only improve the quality of the picture. Data which can be used to identify the violator of copywrights will be sent to the corresponding civil cervice.

6. Member statuses and priced services of the portal

6.1.Joining the portal is free, but you need to make Fee SMS activisation in order to activate your account and then you can browse the profiles of other users and modify his/her own profile without any limitations.
6.2. If you wish to use the services of the portal actively then you have to confirm that you are a real user of the portal (REAL status). Directions to how to get the “REAL” status can be found here: Obtaining the status costs a fee.
6.3. If you wish to write an unlimited amount of messages then you have to obtain the “UNLIMITED” status. Directions to how to get the “UNLIMITED” status can be found here: Obtaining the status costs a fee.
6.4. If you wish to use the portals extra services (that includes watching videos, using the extra services with the search feature etc.) then you have to obtain the “VIP” status. Directions to how to get the “VIP” status can be found here: Obtaining the status costs a fee.
6.5. The portal also also offers a possibilty to buy extra services. These services cost and are called “KING” and “GIFT” services. The description of the “KING” service can be found here: The description to the “GIFT” service can be found here:
6.6. The prices and durations of the services:
Support Email:
Safe Decision, Inc
16192 Coastal Highway
19958 Lewes
United States

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